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Anil Narain Balchandani
Advocate and Solicitor
Lawyer Anil Narain Balchandani
Red Lion Circle, Advocates & Solicitors
Managing Proprietor
Anil has been practicing as an Advocate and Solicitor for no less than 6 years. His practice spans both civil and criminal work.

He has worked with a wide range of industries within the intellectual property realm while registering patents and providing opinions for IP infringement matters.

Anil is one of a rare practicing lawyers with an engineering background and industry experience as a professional engineer. Anil practiced as a professional engineer for approximately 8 years in New York, Texas and Silicon Valley.

His exposure to solving intrinsic problems and his legal expertise make him a formidable and dedicated litigator with a unique ability to handle the intricacies of criminal and civil law. And for this reason, he has found himself involved extensively in trial litigation. He has argued at the Court of Appeal, the highest court in Singapore.

Links below provide a sample of criminal cases reported in the news. Most of his civil cases are settled before trial.

Advocate and Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore

Registered Patent Agent (Registration: 59787), United States Patent and Trademark Office

Juris Doctorate in Law, Singapore Management University (2012)

Bachelors in Science (Electrical and Computer Engineering) (Hons), Carnegie Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University (1994)

Industrial Management, Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie Mellon University (Double Majored)

Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law, National University of Singapore
Legal Expertise
Trademark Registration Copyright Infringement Patent Prosecution Intellectual Property Advice Intellectual Property Portfolio Management Licensing and Acquisitions Due Diligence Digital Rights Valuation Data Protection Criminal Litigation Defence Mitigation Criminal Motions Judicial Review
Civil & Criminal Appeals Drug Trafficking, Possession & Consumption Protection from Harassment Orders Sexual Harassment at Work Cybercrime Civil and Corporate Litigation Breach of Contract Commercial Disputes Anti-trust/Competition Law Landlord-Tenant Disputes Debt Recovery Employment Disputes Unfair Termination Bankruptcy and Insolvency Probate and Administration of Estates
Notable Landmark Cases

 Youth sentenced to probation for drug-related offences bought Ice to help his teacher
Jul 24, 2018

 The Defendant, who was 19 years old at the time of the offences, was charged with one count each, under the Misuse of Drugs Act, for methamphetamine trafficking and cannabis consumption, that could have a jail sentence between five and 20 years and five to 15 strokes of the cane.

 With Mr Anil Balchandani as his defence counsel, the Defendant was given a probation of two years and three months, thus avoided jail time and caning.

 Acquitted: Ex-SMRT bus driver accused of rash act

Jan 18, 2017

 The Defendant, who was on duty as a bus driver at the time of the traffic accident, was facing two criminal charges of (1) causing death by performing a rash act, under section 66(1) of the Road Traffic Act and (2) causing hurt by performing a rash act, under section 304A(a) or (b) of the Penal Code, that could have (1) a jail sentence up to five years and/or a fine, and (2) a jail sentence up to one year and/or a fine of S$5,000.

 Mr Anil Balchandani acted as his counsel and was able to get the Defendant fully acquitted of both criminal charges.

 Businessman fined $8K for ‘hacking’ Istana website

Jun 05, 2014

 The Defendant faced three criminal charges that could have resulted in a jail term of up to three years and/or a fine of up to S$10,000.

 With Mr Anil Balchandani as his lead counsel, the Defendant managed to plead guilty to only one charge. He was fined S$8,000 and avoided jail time.
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